Here are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

Elements of a Good Sales Pitch:

A good sales pitch is a combination of several elements, and no one element is responsible in making it successful.

Thorough Information about the Product/Service

Before you go and tell your client what your new product is about, make sure you are aware of it yourself. Further, you have to write your sales pitch in a manner that your audience will understand, not what you understand, particularly in terms of the technical aspects of the product. Depending on who your client is, you will have to use language appropriate for their understanding. For instance, housewives will not understand technical terms, and computer engineers will immediately discard any sales pitch made in a layman’s language. You may be selling a product that both groups can benefit from. So ensure that you are aware of all the features of your product, and can put it across in a convincing manner.


Defined Outline

A sales pitch must have a defined structure that gives a direction in which you can go about writing and explaining it. Leave room for any questions your clients may pose to you during your presentation. This makes the first point about knowing your product/service well enough more important.


Engaging Start

Sales pitches may not always be conducted in person, and you may be required to carry out one on the phone too. Here, your client will have the option of blatantly hanging up on you, so you need a brilliant opening line to have your customer hooked on to you. A gripping line, irrespective of where you are giving it, should mark the beginning of your sales pitch. Use attractive words and start by stating to the client, how the product will help them. That is all the client is looking for anyway. They don’t really care what the product has unless it does not benefit them. Create a desire that makes them want to learn about the product and buy it. These aspects should make it in the opening statement of your sales pitch. You should give yourself only 30 seconds to make your opening statement.


Testimonies from Old Customers

Including testimonies from older customers is a great way of improving the quality of your sales pitch. It gives your clients the confidence to believe in your product and the benefits it will provide them. This makes for a persuasive sales pitch and could be one of the many ways in which you can enhance your selling skills.


Samples of Previous Work

What good is a sales pitch that does not provide a persuasive example of your previous work? Depending on what you are offering, it is a good idea to present to your clients samples of work you have done previously for them to see. For instance, if you are an interior designer trying to pitch for a high-end project, showing the client some of your best works will be give the pitch an additional and much-needed boost.



No sales pitch delivered without confidence has ever even been considered. This is why you need to be oozing with confidence. To ooze with confidence you need to know your product and be convinced yourself that it will help others in various ways. While confidence in a sales pitch over the phone can only be evident in your voice, when making one personally, you must dress well and show confidence through your body language. Of course, these elements only will not help sell your product; however, they will definitely enhance the overall presentation and make the pitch credible.


Close of Sale

Your sale will close only if you have delivered an effective sales pitch. In some cases, it is possible to immediately close a sale. For instance, if you are providing a service, your sales pitch will close when the client signs up for it immediately after your presentation. Keep yourself prepared and learn well how to close a sale so that your sales pitch is fruitful.


Finally, irrespective of how the sales pitch went, make sure you follow up with your clients. They may not be convinced at that point in time, but after thinking over it may want to get back to you and the product or service you were selling. Give them and your company that opportunity by following up with them. Though a lot of people believe that salespersons are born, it is not an art that cannot be mastered over time. After the initial experience you will be able to mold future sales pitches in a better manner.


By  Margaret Benson

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